Your website serves as the portal to your business. One of the most important stages in your Web Solutions package is the construction of your new company website.

Led by an EZVALU build manager, our team of programmers and graphic designers will be overseeing the design, production and launch of your new Web Site.

We guarantee that the product of our efforts will be a website that permits you to:

  • Add, edit and delete Web Site content in addition to uploading graphics and PDF files
  • Regularly update and set your online shopping cart and product catalog
  • Review and fill online orders
  • Receive online reports on sales, website traffic, search traffic along with other indicators of success.

Simple Website Template

No matter what your budget, we have a web solution package for you. To meet your diverse needs, we offer the option to purchase a static user-friendly website Template to present your business to the world. All generic information on the template is replaced by your own business content.
The advantage of this option is that it arms you with the tools you need to design a website without needing to know any programming. This mode of website presentation allows you to:

Content Management System

A Content Management System serves as a more dynamic avenue to website presentation. Its multiple advantages include:

Online Stores (eCommerce)

You have all the right products and all the information to make a sale. But having a place to sell these services in the right way is another ball-game altogether. This is where EZVALU’s e-commerce solutions can help. We will design a Web Site that easily allows your customers to peruse product information, receive price quotations and make online purchases. More than just an online shopping cart, we will design a system that works to get you that sale from an interested customer. Watch the profits accumulate with this investment!
With our e-Commerce system, you can add or delete products, publish or modify product information, and update prices. We design a comprehensive system so that you can minimize sale cycle times and costs by shipping the products out to your customer in an inexpensive and timely manner.

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